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We take a look at... TPC 2022

We hear from the organisers of the Ticketing Professionals Conference (TPC) about their experience of hosting the annual event at The Vox.


What was the event objective?

The conference itself was designed by event ticketing professionals to give our industry a place to meet, to learn and to share our stories and success.

Each TPC we aim to reach more people, from more countries and deliver an even better education programme.

We have two main metrics: not to lose money and that our delegates go away as advocates and spread the word of how good TPC is.


Why did you choose The Vox?

Our delegates, from all over the world LOVE Birmingham, they consistently vote to come back.

I remember my first view from outside The Vox, then the ride up the escalators to level two on Resorts World. ‘Wow’ - those were my first words and I did walk around in wonder. I knew I wanted our event to go there, it oozes class. The venue wows you, the team seals the deal.


How did you format the event in the space?

We had a huge success with the flexibility of The Vox.

A key area for us was to accommodate a multi-faceted event in terms of the layout and the variety of needs from delegates and exhibitors. We used 3 for networking, and as a space for people to log on and do work when needed.

We used 1,2,4,5 for the conference sessions. The three boardrooms were very popular with our exhibitors, as they were able to utilise the spaces for private meetings and demonstrations.

The flexible nature and the compact layout kept people together and allowed for the event to cater to different needs.


Was there a memorable moment at the event?

All industries have been bit in the last two years, but the live entertainment industry was one of the hardest. To finally stand on the stage in room 3, in our magnificent new home, in front of 500 friends and colleagues was a memorable experience. As I said in my opening remarks “Welcome, welcome, welcome to the fifth Ticketing Professionals Conference… I have waited a few years to say that last line.”

During the event and our post event survey has been overrun by positive comments from delegates, on The Vox, the position in Resorts World, the eateries and the chance to grab some fresh air. Even some people who had stated “I wasn’t sold on an airport location, but you proved me wrong.”

What does a successful event look like to you?

As I said earlier, we have two metrics, not losing money and delegate feedback. The Vox not only delivered the extra exhibition space we needed, but also extra sponsorship opportunities to boost our commercial revenues.

We could sell additional delegate spaces, so all things commercial were a massive success. We reinvested some of that extra commercial revenue into improved and extended catering opportunities, working with our contacts at Amadeus we were able to really impress our regulars and over deliver on expectations of first timers. Our Net Promoter score increased slightly this year, and visitors of our post event survey awarded the Vox 4.6 out of 5 for “Venue Overall” - which we remind ourselves means more people gave it a 5 than a 4!


Was The Vox a practical decision for you and the delegates?

We had delegates coming from New York, Canada, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and many other countries, so the proximity to Birmingham Airport for the event at The Vox was perfect. It takes no time to walk to the conference venue from the airport and it meant delegates could stay at the conference until around an hour before their flight left.

It gave delegates more time in the event and helped them use their time more efficiently. It also reduced any worry or anxiety around travel planning. We also find that the fresh air and outdoor access to the lake and green space was a bonus, it was easy to head out for a gentle walk between sessions or at the end of the day.


What was the reason for Birmingham?

We find other conferences have multiple city destinations and they can come across as a ‘jolly’ for delegates and can seem more fun than serious and professional. The Americans only really understand Birmingham from Peaky Blinders, and refer to it as ‘Brum’, which we smile about, as we often say ‘No one comes to Birmingham for a jolly!’. But that does help, it is a very productive and valuable conference where people aren’t viewing it as a place to just have fun. However, we do find that everyone enjoys the conference and it has proven valuable in terms of positive feedback and popularity, which you can see from our growth.

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