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The Independent ranks Birmingham as UK’s best-connected city

Research by The Independent newspaper has shown that Birmingham is the best-connected city in terms of rail links.

Each of the 12 largest cities outside London was evaluated on four criteria.

First, from that city how many of the other 11 are served by regular direct rail links?

Next, the number of fast train departures each hour from the city to London.

Whether there is direct access from the city’s main rail station to a tram or metro network?

And whether there is a connection to the nearest airport? One point was awarded for a train, metro or tram, and half for a bus link.

Birmingham led the way with a total of 18 points, with the next best city receiving 15.  With Birmingham New Street just a 10-minute walk from the ICC and Birmingham International on the doorstep of the NEC and the Vox, this is yet another proof point for how easy it is for delegates can get to our NEC Group venues.

For the full article, please visit the paper’s website.


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