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Mark Charlampowicz and his Desert Island Dishes...

Mark Charlampowicz, General Manager for Amadeus at The Vox Conference Venue, caught up with Contract Catering Magazine to tell them about his Desert Island Dishes... we thought they sounded so good, we've shared them here.


Aaaahh the versatile sausage, Its probably my polish heritage that has given this love. Whether on a good old English fry up, it in a bun, puff pastry or in a rich onion gravy I really don’t mind. The fact it comes in so many different forms especially looking at how different nations have adapted it. From the Americans with corn dogs!, Polish with Kabanos & Kielbasa, Italians with salami’s & Nduja, Spanish with Chorizo, Germans with bratwurst & Sai Ua in Thailand….  


My childhood memories of Christmas would not be complete without Pierogi. As a family we spend hours, making these, usually with a glass of wine or a nice cold beer ready for these to be served on Christmas Eve at Wigilia (Polish celebration on Christmas Eve). Although we had many different fillings my favourites were always these beautiful little dumplings filled with potato and cream cheese and once cooked dipped into salad cream…. I would always go to bed with a happy belly on Christmas eve even knowing I would have some waiting for me in the morning and believe me they tasted even better on Christmas morning pan fried in a little salted butter with a sprinkling of sage

Neapolitan Pizza

Why mess with a  true classic… Fresh handmade pizza dough tick, San Marzano tomatoes tick, mozzarella di bufala Campana tick, extra virgin olive oil tick……, fresh basil tick….. 485 degree wood burning oven and in 60-90 seconds you have a plate of pure happiness. It just makes my mouth water thinking about this and brings back so many happy memories of being in Naples….

Char siu bao

I discovered these by accident… but boy am I glad I did. Delicious, mouth watering steamed parcels filled with a sweet and sticky barbecue pork filling. I kind of think of these as steamed fluffy clouds yumminess.


A recent addition to my repertoire after a visit to a vegan restaurant. I am a definite carnivore but this completely blew my mind leaving me to scramble for the recipe… Kimchi fried rice, clean bean tofu, gochujang sesame sauce & nori… I tell you if vegan food all tastes this good them who needs meat.


Who doesn’t love pasta? Even though its associated with Italy most cultures have their own versions, a dish that can be amazing in its versatility which allows for it to be as simple as you want but as complex as you wish. Quick and easy to cook & affordable and a staple food in my pantry at home…


My favourite fruit of the summer. I cant think of anything more satisfying on a hot summers day that this sweet and satisfying fruit. Packed with antioxidants & vitamins it a great way to stay hydrated. On its own, in a salad or with something like crab, its always a winner...

Luxury item

The only item I would want to take with me is actually a person… My wife Sam and baby daughter Isabella. I could not exist without them in my life.


I'm not known to be a great reader, I'm more of a dreamer, or in fact a thinker… But top of my list to read is The Happiest Man on Earth, the tale of Eddie Jaku who survived Aushwitz. This book shows that no matter the unimaginable horrors that he endured he always had hope. Again a reminder of the atrocities we should never allow to happen again in any form…


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