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EVENT SNAPSHOT: EOS brings Worldwide clients to the Vox

We spoke to Dean Breyley, EOS Worldwide’s Community Leader, as he helped bring to life the business’ Strong in Six Business Traction Event at the Vox Conference Venue.

EOS, the Entrepreneurial Operating System, helps business owners and their leadership teams scale their companies. And while EOS’ community of business leaders was growing, Dean realised the need for a face-to-face gathering to help bind them together.

“While we pride ourselves on having a strong community ethos between business leaders, in the day-to-day we don’t bring people together face to face. It is for this reason we wanted to get our entrepreneurs together to help them share ideas and grow their businesses further,” Dean said.

So why the Vox? “We wanted to break the perception of just being a London organisation. A lot of our clients are European and a crucial factor for us was finding a venue that was easily accessible.

“I am thankful that we found the Vox and its team who were an absolute delight. Putting on events isn’t my day job, so I really valued their leadership across every different aspect of putting on an event – from Harry in tech, to Fiona our account manager, to the catering team who left no stone unturned.

“Everyone was crystal clear on their part in making the event happen and it was beautifully orchestrated, despite it not being my main area of expertise! The level of support we received was truly over and above what we expected from the outset.”

ESO Worldwide utilised the entire Vox venue, tailoring the space to their specific requirements, separating Halls 3-5 for main events space and then Halls 1-2 for breakout spaces focused on specific content.

“We did have some concerns that the halls were so close to each other. We were worried about content being heard from hall to hall - but we need not have worried. It was such a seamless experience, you couldn’t even tell that multiple sessions were going on at once, with the acoustics being managed well and the venue so cleverly designed.

“As soon as we came across the Vox website, we knew it was the place we wanted to host our event. It has soul and feels like a place to have an amazing experience with its incredible views from the foyer. It’s fair to say our already lofty expectations after viewing the website were exceeded when we visited.”

Dean welcomed 230 people to the event, many of which arrived via nearby Birmingham International train station and airport, with visitors arriving from as far as Dubai and Macedonia, as well as many other European countries.

He continued: “We initially worried we wouldn’t have enough delegates to make the venue feel full as it was so expansive, but because of how the space is designed, it always felt busy. We received so many positive comments on the venue – from its tech and lighting to the catering which we considered restaurant quality food.

“We could have put the same content on in a different venue and it would have had a completely different feel, the Vox truly elevated our event.

“The location received glowing reviews too. Its positioning in Resorts World was ideal, which has everything you need, as well as it being so well connected with nearby hotels and restaurants.”

Fiona Harrison, Senior Account Manager at the Vox, said: “It was brilliant to welcome EOS Worldwide to the Vox, in what was an inspiring event for some of the top entrepreneurial minds throughout Europe. We’ve received lots of positive feedback on the event in all aspects and we’re delighted our venue exceeded expectations.”

If you would like to find out more about hosting your event at the Vox, please email Fiona on [email protected]


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