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Event snapshot: adi Group comes to the Vox

Our clients, adi Group, brought their teams to the Vox this April for a fun-packed day together.

As well as using the Vox, the teams also enjoyed the Bear Grylls Adventure attraction on the NEC Campus, as well as enjoying an evening dinner.

What was your objective? 

  • As a business, our objectives were threefold:
  • To celebrate our belated 30th anniversary
  • To get our whole team together
  • To share our history and our future direction with the whole Group

Why the Vox?

  • The right amount of space
  • The flexibility of the floor area
  • Our previous positive experience of the VOX both from our team and us as the event management team
  • All under one roof 
  • Modern venue and a great location central to our employees 

Was there a moment at the event which truly showed the impact of the efforts to date, or represented a highlight for the organising team?

There isn’t one moment, but it would be a combination of the positive comments both during and after the event, talking up their experience and the connection opportunities it gave them

Can you think of any elements in the event which were a risk, or at times felt like a big gamble? 

The overall cost is always a gamble, but we believe we have achieved what we wanted to!

Reflecting on the event, how did it fulfil its objectives? 

The WOW factor of the whole event, venue, presentation (especially our future), Bear Grylls, magic act, band etc, which definitely went well with both ourselves and the team

Photography courtesy of adi Group.



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