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Building exceptional relationships

Business is all about relationships.  How you interact with others at an event is crucial to not only how you are perceived, but also the company or association you are representing.  We spoke to our friends at Meetology - The interpersonal communication experts – who shared some tips on how to interact more effectively.

  1. The power of food

Psychologists have found that we tend to develop a special fondness for other people, objects and statements if we are introduced to them whilst eating a meal. The effect is likely due to the fact that eating puts people in a happy mood and can cause them to make faster, more impulsive decisions. Aside from this, healthy food can also significantly boost energy levels, concentration and performance. *That’s why brain food is always on the menu at the ICC, to ensure both you and your delegates get the most from your event – it was the first conference centre in the UK to have accredited Food For The Brain status* 


  1. Keep your language simple

When communicating it can be tempting to use long words in an attempt to look more intelligent or impress. Don’t! Studies show that when writing or speaking, the use of needlessly long words can have a negative impact on the way you are viewed.


  1. If you make a mistake, don’t panic

Research suggests that the empathy we feel for people who make a mistake can lead us to liking them more and feeling more connected to them. So, if it happens to you, accept it, acknowledge it, and move on.


  1. Thank about your handshake

It seems that the type of handshake we offer can have a big impact on how we are perceived. Research has shown that those who offered a smooth, fluid handshake were rated as more open and likeable than those whose handshake was spiky, sharp and rigid.


  1. The power of physical contact

The huge amount of research on the subject all points to the same findings: touching another person can have a positive impact on their feelings and behaviour towards you. Research has shown an increase of up to 20% in levels of cooperation when a request is accompanied by a brief touch on their upper arm.


  1. Do someone a favour

Did you know that behavioural psychology research suggests that when you do a favour for someone, you are instilling in them a social obligation to return it to you at some point? Such is the power of ‘reciprocation’ that it works even when the person isn’t particularly liked. Small, thoughtful and inexpensive favours to those you meet can lead to improved connectivity between you.


  1. Speak fast, but not too fast

Whilst it is obviously important to speak clearly, psychologists have found that a moderately fast speed of 3.5 words per second seemed to be the most impactful when communicating with others. However other research has also highlighted the power of the pause too.


  1. Imitate those you meet

As well as highlighting actual similarities, mirroring those we meet verbally and physically has also been shown to have a positive impact on feelings of connectivity. (Practice mirroring your colleagues’ language (speed, tone) and physical stance before you try this with someone you don’t know as it can take a while to master.)



Meetology® help individuals thrive by empowering them with the social skills to connect, interact and communicate effectively in every professional situation they encounter. Visit or find the creator Jonathan Bradshaw on Twitter at: @meetology


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