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Vox Venue Protect

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions relating to Venue Protect and your visit to the Vox, check out our Venue Protect FAQs below.


Do I need to do anything different before coming to the venue? 

Please refer to the Venue Protect section on our website and the organiser’s event web page for the most up to date information. Ahead of your event, you should receive email communications containing everything you need to know.


Why are you requesting COVID certification?

The Government has strongly encouraged large venues to carry out COVID-status checks. We are therefore taking all sensible precautions to help ensure the safety of our visitors, staff, contractors and partners to reduce the risks of COVID-19. We are advising customers to check out our Venue Protect page that has the latest details on entry requirements. Our focus continues to be your safety.


Do children under 18 need to provide COVID-status certification?

Persons under the age of 12 do not need to provide any form of COVID-status certification.


Can I come to an event if I haven’t been vaccinated?

Visitors who have not been vaccinated should take a lateral flow or PCR test within 72 hours prior to attending the event and be prepared to show proof of the negative test result at the entry point to the venue. We are advising customers to check our Venue Protect page that has the latest details on entry requirements.


How do I know if I am healthy enough to come to your venue? 

You should not attend an event at our venue if you are concerned about or displaying any symptoms of COVID-19.

Please refer to the advice given by Public Health England via GOV.UK or the NHS website.


Do I require a COVID test to enter your venue?

In agreement with the wider industry, we have implemented COVID-status checks at all our venues. If you cannot show proof that you have been fully vaccinated, visitors have the option to show a negative lateral flow or PCR test taken within 72hrs of their event. However, we would encourage visitors to complete their test within 48 hours as some promoters may request the shorter timeframe.

We are advising visitors check out our Venue Protect page and the event’s webpage that has the latest details on entry requirements.


Will you be providing COVID tests to take on entry to your venue for visitors who have not been vaccinated?

We ask that individuals take personal responsibility for their health and order free tests in advance from the NHS website/pick them up from their local pharmacy. Tests will not be available at our venue.


I’m travelling from outside of England, are you accepting vaccination cards?

The NEC Group venues are not accepting vaccination cards as proof of COVID-status. A valid certification document from your country of origin is required.

An EU Digital COVID Certificate, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales COVID Certificate or equivalents (digital or paper) will be accepted.


What changes will there be to the ticket checks and search operations? 

Wherever possible we will be operating a contactless search and ticket check. We would ask visitors to follow instructions indicated in your registration confirmation / tickets and upon arrival.


If I’m attending an event over multiple days, and I’m not vaccinated, will I need to provide multiple test results?

We kindly request that all visitors complete your COVID test within 72 hours before arriving at your event. If you are attending an event for a long period and it exceeds the 72-hour limit, then you will need to provide additional test results. Please remember to bring your lateral flow tests with you to ensure you have sufficient numbers for your stay.


I will be working on setup and breakdown for an exhibitor/event but won’t be attending the event itself, do I still have to provide COVID-status certification?

Yes, we kindly ask that you provide proof of your COVID status when arriving at the venue. Please remember that we ask that test results are from within 72 hours of arriving at the venue. You may therefore need to provide additional test results to cover your time on-site with us.


Since the wearing of face masks is no longer a mandatory requirement from government, is it a requirement whilst attending an event at your venues?

We all have a shared responsibility in helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19, so whilst wearing a face covering isn't mandatory, we encourage visitors and staff to wear them in public areas where it is busy or in more confined areas such as bathrooms.


What if I am unable to wear a face covering due to health conditions?

We encourage visitors and staff to wear face coverings in public areas where it is busy or in more confined areas such as bathrooms but it isn’t mandatory. We also appreciate that some of our visitors won’t be able to for medical reasons.


Have your staff undertaken extra training relating to the new guidance and measures? 

Yes, all our staff have undertaken a number of new training sessions relating to new guidance and measures. These are regularly reviewed subject to government guidelines.


How are you supporting the NHS Test and Trace Programme?

At the point of registration or ticket purchase, the ticket booker may be asked to provide their details for NHS Test and Trace purposes. They will be responsible for contacting all members of their party if required. Visitors will also be able to check-in using QR codes at the venue. Details will be kept for 21 days following the event and not used for any other purpose.


Will hand sanitiser be readily available to me? 

Yes, hand sanitising stations have been installed around the arena and we encourage all visitors to wash their hands frequently.


How often do you clean the venue? 

The venue is cleaned fully before and after every event. Certain high use areas and touchpoints will also be cleaned/sanitised during event periods in addition to our usual live event cleaning schedule.


Can I bring a bag into the venue?

Yes, but to reduce contact points please only bring essential items with you to our venue.


Can I still buy food and drink and are you accepting cash for payments? 

Yes, you can still buy food and drink but to reduce contact points, we are operating a cashless venue.


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