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  • 22-May-2018

The Vox hosts Hyundai for 300th event

We celebrated our 300th event by hosting an outstanding conference for Hyundai.

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Name of event: Hyundai Dealer Conference 2018

Date: Tuesday, February 20, 2018

No. of delegates: 450

Event objective: Working with production company Fresh, present the Hyundai 2018 integrated plan in a concise and focussed approach using an immersive environment, mixed media sources and carefully designed presentations.

Why the Vox? Hyundai conducted a thorough venue search to find a suitable purpose built venue which was easily accessible and the Vox appealed due to the modern and functional space along with the central location and excellent transport links.

Challenges and solutions: Fresh wanted to create a truly immersive space for the audience in what is ultimately a blank canvas room in a conference venue, this was achievable thanks to the Vox’s flexible rigging system and being able to use all of the Vox suites to create a large open space. In the run up to the event an additional event was added on Monday, 19th February. This meant Hyundai had two separate teams managing the different events. The Vox mirrored this approach along with one over-arching event manager to ensure seamless transition.


Kate Conway - Events & Dealer Marketing Manager at Hyundai: “As an event manager for a nationwide organisation, there are a number of practical things I look for in a venue for our dealer conference; among them is a central location, good transport links, and plentiful parking. The Vox ticks all of these boxes, and more. With the event being just one day in length, most of our attendees will be travelling in and out in a day. I wanted to make it as easy as possible for our dealers to access the event. In addition, the modern, premium feel of the Vox also reflects the standard that I, my senior management team, and our delegates expect from the Hyundai brand. Having worked with fresh for a number of years, I know that, once the venue is finalised, they will bring the event environment and experience to life."

Laura Lee - Director of Client Delivery at Fresh: "This was the first event that fresh has delivered in the Vox and we have been incredibly impressed with both the venue, and their in-house event team. The management has assembled this team from the workforce at the ICC, meaning a wealth of experience and skill with events of every scale. Their meticulous eye for detail and unsurpassed level of service has ensured a smooth planning process throughout for fresh and Hyundai.”  

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