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  • 15-May-2013

Philips health event at the ICC

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Client name: Philips Healthcare
Dates: 14th-15th January 2013
Meeting Spaces Used: Halls 4 & 8,and Registration area
Delegates: 400

Event background

A two-day event for 400 delegates that saw three different set ups in the ICC’s Hall 4 in less than 24 hours. This is the first time that Philips Healthcare colleagues in the UK and Ireland have got together for a while, so the ICC was chosen as a centrally located venue that staff could easily get to from all over the UK and from Ireland. The client was won over by what they described as a beautiful venue with wonderful meeting space, great branding opportunities, an excellent events team and technical capabilities that effortlessly met their requirements. All in all, the ICC was considered the best fit for their needs.

Event Delivery

The first day was a cabaret style seated staff conference, with an evening dinner. The following day, the room was reset theatre style as the client requested space around the outside of the hall for a team building activity, which was kept under wraps by organisers until the last minute. However it turned out that the activity needed more space than anticipated, but the ICC team were quick to accommodate and the delegates were able to spread out onto our Registration area where they created a giant human rainbow with their different team t-shirts. There was bags of creativity to inspire the Philips delegates.... moulded multi coloured balloons, toy monkeys and inflatable bananas helped to make this an extremely memorable staff conference!


The desired outcome was an informed and positive team who are engaged and enthusiastic and ready to face the challenges ahead and they certainly got that. The organising team at Philips did not receive one piece of negative feedback about anything and their Managing Director, who is new to Healthcare, was absolutely delighted with the outcome.

Client feedback

The client was thrilled with the smooth running of the event. The ICC hosts were applauded for no task being too much trouble and their ever helpful attitude and smiles. The client also commented on the venue’s welcoming layout and open space, fantastic event managers, technical support and exceptional catering.

“Our event would not have produced the desired outcome without the support of all involved and the perfect venue. The turnaround of Hall 4 from the day time to the evening was expertly executed. The catering was also exceptional – we were amazed by the quality of the food and the service – the steak was cooked to perfection. Our staff were impressed with the way in which everything worked from the moment of arrival in the car park to the end of the event.”

Vivienne McMillan, Philips Healthcare.

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