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  • 30-Sep-2015

Utilising our space to enhance the client’s experience

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Why multi-purpose venues?

Our role as a multi-purpose venue is looking at how we can utilise our space to enhance the client’s experience. You never get a second chance to make a good first impression and we don’t underestimate our role in that. I often say to my clients “you look after your conference programme and leave the rest to us”. 

To keep ahead of the game we look at new trends, such as Hybrid Events which allows the client to connect to its audience on a global scale, and we consider what we can do as a venue to maximise the impact of the event for our client. Much of this is down to client demands but also about us as a venue anticipating the needs of tomorrow’s conference. 

Location is also an important factor in the selection of the right venue. Organisers should always ask themselves whether their event is in a suitable location for their delegates to reach with ease and whether it has the infrastructure to support the conference, such as enough hotel rooms in close proximity. 

Delegate focused 

A successful event should ultimately focus on the delegate’s overall journey and their experience will have an impact on how they participate in the conference, how they learn and how they receive the key messages.   

If delegates are comfortable, have high quality catering, fast Wi-Fi and they can hear and see everything clearly then the event is much more memorable for the right reasons.  

We are very fortunate to have our in-house award-winning caterers Amadeus who provide our extensive range of catering options. They really understand how the quality and variety of food and beverages can impact the delegate’s overall experience. Many delegates will attend conferences regularly, so we always try to make things different from the standard conference refreshment offering. 

Technology and Participation  

Technology used to be an added bonus, but now it is absolutely essential to a conference.  However, it’s not enough to have Wi-Fi, it needs to be good enough to enable people to connect to multiple devices and interact with the conference if required.   

Interactivity is very popular with conferences now and there are endless possibilities to facilitate engagement between organisers and delegates.  Social media for example enables instant feedback so, in theory, conference programmes can change to meet the needs of the audience instantly. 

The right choice of venue 

It’s not just about the space, it’s the whole experience. True partnerships are about the venue sharing the vision of their clients and working with them to them to deliver their objectives.  

Part of our success as a purpose built venue over the last 25 years is that we care passionately about our venue, our events and what it means for our clients.

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