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  • 12-Mar-2013

CGG event at the ICC

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Client name: CGG
Agency: Creative Spirit
Dates: 5-6th February 2013
Meeting Spaces Used: Hall 1, Media Suite and Hall 3
Delegates: 700

Event background

This technically challenging hybrid event was used to bring together CGG’s 10,000 staff across 80 locations via live video conference and webcast links. The event marks global geosciences company CGG Veritas’ acquisition of Fugro’s geoscience division and the company’s new simplified brand name, CGG, and was an opportunity for all employees to connect with top management in an efficient, effective way.

Three weeks before the conference was due to take place, the format of the event was changed as the organisers scrapped plans to gather UK employees in different locations and decided instead to gather everyone in one place. They needed a centrally located high tech venue and the ICC was the ideal option to fulfil their requirements. The ICC team quickly took to planning the event; the technical requirements included supporting a 19-country (18 different towns in the morning and 19 towns in the afternoon) link up with a high bandwidth internet feed, back-up ISDN lines and multimedia projection screens.

The video conference and webcasts took place in two sessions; the first for the Eastern Hemisphere covering Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe excluding UK and France, and the second for the Western Hemisphere covering France, UK and the Americas. Following the conference, there was a short informal dinner for the 700 delegates who attended in person and each location around the world continued onto their own local staff gathering to celebrate CGG’s new developments. From CGG’s side, the event took six weeks to prepare with 250 people working on the logistics and technical. The ICC’s full technical capability was on hand and worked closely with the CGG team. The result was a positive experience that impressed the client with expert knowledge and quick turnaround on information requests.

The event went smoothly and event organisers commented on the party atmosphere. The whole event was filmed using full HD cameras and the HD recording was available for the client to take away almost as soon as the conference finished.

“The ICC provided an ideal venue and a great team. They were very professional and did what they said they’d do and they did it quickly, which was exactly what we needed with our demanding technical requirements and short lead time. They are experts in their field and it was a very positive experience for us.”

Johanna Strengers, Corporate Event and Brand Manager, CGG

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